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Indian Navy Career Options and Eligibility for Officer Entry

Indian Navy Career Options and Eligibility for Officer Entry

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Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister, got rightly said, ” To become secure on Land, we must become Supreme at Sea”. This famous estimate always remind us that any of us are primarily a Maritime Nation. A powerful navy is an essential element of each Maritime Nation.

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India includes a coast line of around 7500 km and a unique Economic Zone(EEZ) of over 2 million sq kms. In addition, we are rendered with abundant oceanic wealth comprising a large number of island territories and vast sea cargo area area, over 97 % of our national trade can be carried by ocean routes! We must safeguard our natural success and keep the trade routes open so that you can progress and every. It is therefore, imperative that India maintains a solid Navy which is actually in a substantial state of readiness.

In times of distress and natural disaster for example floods, droughts, cyclones, earthquakes and so on. The Navy is actually called upon regarding rescue and comfort operations. Little question then, the Indian Navy is relevant to you! And that also explains why the general public hold a great deal of affections for the Navy and its particular officers and mariners.

Of all your diverse elements that type in the making of a solid and effective Navy, no single factor will be as important as it’s men. For the Navy for being world class, it entails top rate authorities and men. And you could just be the one the Navy wants. Putting it simply, the nation requirements the Navy along with the Navy needs the top of you.



1. General Service Officer

Just as one Executive Officer, you may be both working and also fighting the vessel. It means you may be a vital the main complex system which manages the ship and also uses the ship for instrument of tactical warfare. You will learn to have a good understanding of your ship’s capabilities and limitations and then turn them to your benefit. It is for this reason that an Account manager Officer alone can aspire to the command of a new naval ship.

Executive Officers are trained in specialisations like anti-submarine warfare, navigation, communications, gunnery, logistics, going and hydrography. One could also pick the air or boat arm. Within this branch, your promotional it�s likely that not affected by your available choice of specialisation. For case, the Commanding Officer of the destroyer might have been a pilot understanding that of a carefully guided missile frigate, a new submarine specialist. Our specialist schools in Kochi constantly bring up to date your knowledge & hone your skills with regard to greater responsibilities.

2. Hydrographic Officer

Executive Officers may specialise in hydrography. Hydrographic Officers are responsible for collecting information required for making the nautical charts employed by the Indian Navy as well as other Navies around the globe.

3. Naval Armament Inspection Officer

These specialist authorities inspect the armaments supplied to the Navy by different agencies. While they ensure the standard, safety and dependability of naval armament and also stores, they can also be responsible for in-house exploration & development ultimately causing indigenisation. Both Permanent together with Short Service Commissioned officers serve on this cadre.

4. Provost Officer

A separate cadre connected with Provost Officers exists to face policing, regulatory, and security and also vigilance needs from the Navy.

5. Pilot Officer

For those with the aspiration to fly inside the skies, the navy requires Pilots who become airborne tactical managers of marine warfare. While most Navy pilots fly ship-borne helicopters and also shore based ocean going reconnaissance aircraft, some elite pilots in addition fly fighter aircraft for instance Sea Harrier or maybe Mig 29K. Naval aircraft locate and attack adversary surface ships and also submarines and be a part of amphibious warfare, look for and rescue, injury evacuation etc. Because of this, specialized training can be imparted at different places on coast and afloat models.

6. Observer Officer

For the people with a yearning to the skies, navy needs observers who become airborne coordinators connected with maritime warfare. Observer officer operates various amazing equipment including sonics, sonars, radars and also communication equipment. Observer officer gets enable you to participate in all areas of naval operations on-ship the ” eyes from the fleet: the ocean going Patrol aircraft.

7. Submarine Officer

If you enjoy the challenge connected with new frontiers, satisfy the medical standards and also have an exceptional file, this is the specialization for you. These new hi-tech warfare machines have great firepower, state-of-the artwork weapon control systems, computer controlled machinery and a high standard connected with habitability. In tranquility time, one major responsibility from the submarines is to train for war as effectively as you possibly can in the knowledge that could contribute to the prevention. If anyone successfully complete this rigorous training, which can be conducted at Visakhapatnam, you may be the proud possessor from the ‘Dolphin Badge’ and a member of an exceptionally elite arm from the Navy.

8. Diving specialist

Diving Officer job vary from under water inspection and repair connected with ships to defence of Indian Navy maritime assets. This really is yet another professional and challenging job specialization wherein being inside the parent professional supply with sub specialization for instance gunnery, Navigation, Anti-submarine warfare if not logistics, hydro, Aviation etc anybody can become ships diver. Alternatively one may opt to become a Diving Officer in which one would be asked to undertake a Clearance Scuba diving Officers course and/ or even a marine Commando training course.

9. Law Officer

A separate cadre connected with Law Officers also exists to face the legal needs from the Navy. Both Permanent together with Short Service Commissioned officers serve on this cadre.

10. Logistics Officer

A modern warship isn’t just a complex battling unit, but in addition a mini township and also community of several hundred people. These personnel ought to be fed, clothed and also paid, whatever may be the ship’s role. A modern warship has and also to be constantly provided with fuel, water and spares to the vast array connected with sophisticated equipment and also machinery. At sea or maybe on shore this Logistics Officer incorporates a vital part to play inside the technical and human issues with the ship’s organisation. It is employment that requires outstanding managerial skills and the ability to deliver under force.

11. Information Technology

Indian Navy has an excellent career opportunities in the field of IT. Personnel attain hands-on experience in operations, maintenance and also administration of primary IT infrastructure in applications. They experience R & D functions within standard growth profile. Naval IT setup is exclusive since it involves not simply shore based establishments but also afloat units, which require to take care of connectivity and synchronized businesses. The charter of duties of it Officer includes subsequent: –

(a) Implementation of Enterprise extensive networking & software program development projects.
(b) Management connected with Critical Naval networks and programs.
(c) Administration connected with shore and on-board communities.
(d) Development activities regarding cyber security merchandise.


Type of Entr y Unmarried Men / Women Age Limit Educational Qualification
National Defence Academy (NDA) (Through UPSC) Men 16½ – 19 10+2 or equivalent with Physics & Maths
(10+2) Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala (Through UPSC) Men 16½ – 19 10+2 or equivalent with Physics & Maths
NCC Special Entry Indian Naval Academy, Ezhimala Men 19 – 24 B.Sc (Physics & Maths) or BE with Naval Wing Senior Div NCC ‘C’ Certificate
PC Naval Armament Inspection Centre Men 19½ – 25 B.E/ B.Tech degree in Electronics / Elect / Mech Engg or Post Graduate Degree in Electronics or Physics
PC Law Cadre Men 22 – 27 A degree in Law qualifying for enrolment as an Advocate under the Advocates Act 1961 with minimum 55% marks
PC Logistics cadre Men 19½ – 25 A First Class Degree in BTech/ BE(any discipline)
B.Sc/ B.Com/ BSC(IT) with first class and a PG diploma in Finanace/ Logistics/ Supply Chain Management/ Material Management
SSC Executive General Service Men 19½ – 25 B.E/ B.Tech (Any Discipline) with 60% marks
SSC Hydroraphy Men 19½ – 25 BSc./MSc with Physics & Maths with Min 55 % marks. BE/ BTech in any discipline with min 55 % marks. B.Sc(Physics &Maths) holding NCC Naval Wing ‘C’ Certifictae. Graduate/ Post Graduate in Op Research/ Quantitation Methods with min 75% marks. Graduate/ Post Graduate in Maths with STAT or Probability with min 75% marks.
SSC -ATC Men & Women * 19½ – 25 Ist Class Science Graduate with Physics /Maths/Electronics or MSc with Physics/Maths/ Electronics with min 55% marks.
SSC Law Cadre Men & Women * 22 – 27 A Degree in Law qualifying for enrolment as an Advocate under the Advocates Act 1961 with min 55% marks
SSC Logistics Cadre Men & Women* 19½ – 25 1st Class Degree in B.E/ B.Tech
B.Sc/ B.Com/B.Sc(IT) with first Class and a PG diploma in Finance/ Logistics/ supply chain Managemnet/ Material Management
SSC Pilot Men 19-23 B.E/ B.Tech in any discipline with minimum 60% marks from a recognized University/ Institution with Maths & Physics at 10+2 level.
SSC Observer Men & Women 19-23 B.E/ B.Tech in any discipline with minimum 60 % marks from a recognized University/ Institution with Maths & Physics at 10+2 level.
SSC Naval Armament Inspection cadre Men 19½ – 25 A degree in Electronics/ Elect/ Mech Engg or Post Graduate degree in Electronics or Physics
SSC Information Technology Men 19½ – 25 B.E/ B.Tech in Computer Science/ Computer Engineering/ IT or BSc (IT), BCA , MCA, MSc (Computer), M.Tech(Computer Science) with minimum 50 % marks

Engineerring Career Options

1. Engineering General Service Officer

Modern ships, submarines as well as aircraft are installed with advanced technologies machinery and propulsion programs. As an Manufacture Officer, you will cause keeping all these Hi-tech systems functional. Opportunities exist to function in gigantic naval dockyards as well as indigenous production products. In no other career is definitely an engineer exposed to this type of wide spectrum of opportunities and keep abreast connected with modern developments. A great Engineer Officer’s career is interspersed together with technical courses upto publish graduation level inside India/abroad.

2. Submarine Engineer Officer

The submarines are generally hi-tech war models having awesome firepower, advanced weapon control method, computer controlled machinery and high standard of habitability. Modern submarines have got hi tech engineering equipment in addition to the propulsion system. As submarine Engineer officer, you will cause keeping these programs serviceable. Submarine Engineer officer may also get opportunities to function in Naval Dockyards as well as Submarine building products. On successful from the rigorous training conducted at different coaching establishments, Submarine Engineering officer is going to be proud processor connected with “Dolphin Badge” and become member of an incredibly elite arm from the Navy

3. Naval Construction Officer

You can also join in the actual Naval Architecture Cadre from the Engineering Branch. The Indian Navy  today employs the most important pool of skilled Naval Architects inside India. A Naval Architect is associated with design, construction, quality control, repair as well as new construction perform of naval vessels. With the Navy going for increasingly more sophisticated warship production inside the country, the Corps connected with Naval Architects presents excellent opportunities and keep abreast of the actual advancement in vessel building technology as well as implement your progressive ideas.

This table allows information on different types of Officers-Cadre Entries for the Engineering Branch connected with Indian Navy.


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Type of Entry Unmarried Men / Women Age Limit Educational Qualification
Cadet Entry (NDA) Men 16½ – 19 10+2 or equivalent with Physics & Maths
10+2 (B.Tech) Cadet Entry Men 16½ – 19 10+2 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry & Maths ( minimum 70% marks in aggregate of PCM, minimum 50% marks in English either in 10th or 12th class
University Entry Scheme (SSC) Men 19 – 24 Final Year students of Mechanical, Marine, Aeronautical/Aerospace, B.Architecture,Automobile,Civil engineering, Naval Architecture,Industrial & Production, Metallurgy,Electrical,Instrumentation & Communication, Telecommunication, Power Electronics, Instrumentation, Mechatronics, Control Engg with minimum 60% upto VI th Semester.
Short Service Commission (GS) Men 19 – 25 B.E/ B.Tech in any discipline with minimum 60% .
Short Service Commission (Submarine-Engineering) Men 19.5½ – 25 BE / BTech in Mechanical with minimum 60% marks.
10+2 (B.Tech) Cadet Entry Men 16½ – 19 10+2 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry & Maths (minimum 70% marks in aggregate of PCM, minimum 50% marks in English either in 10th or 12th class)
Short Service Commission Entry Men & Women* 21 – 25 BE/B.Tech in Naval Architecture / Mech/Civil/ Aeronautics / Metallurgical /Aerospace Engg with 60% marks.
University Entry Scheme (SSC) Men & Women* 19 – 24 BE/B.Tech in Naval Architecture / Mech/Civil/ Aeronautical / Metallurgical / Aerospace Engg / B.Arch with 60% marks
Special Naval Architect Entry Scheme (SNAES) Men & Women* 21 – 25 BE/B.Tech in Naval Architecture with 60% marks (campus rectuitment).

Electricals Career Options

1. General Service

A warship is usually a mini floating city with an integral power creation and distribution system. In addition, complex missile systems, upside down weapons, radar and radio communication equipment form major section of a warship’s products. A majority of those are either computer-based or even computer aided and incorporate the most up-to-date trends in consumer electronics engineering. For a ship to fight effectively, most of these equipment must become kept working in peak efficiency. Electrical Officers get this responsibility and also other challenging tasks. In order to sharpen their knowledge, the Navy provides excellent opportunities regarding post-graduate courses inside India/abroad to worthy candidates.

Note: Officers of the Engineering and Electrical Branches could also volunteer for the Aviation/ Submarine Provide.

2. Submarine Electrical officer

The submarines tend to be hi-tech war devices have awesome hearth power, state of the art weapon handle system, computer governed machinery and high standard of habitability. Submarine Electrical Officer will take care of computer based or even computer aided system systems, missile system, underwater weapons, radars and radio communication equipment and make certain that all these sensitive and complex products are kept functional at peak performance. On successful completion of the rigorous training conducted at different instruction establishments, Submarine Electrical Police officer will bw extremely pleased processor of “Dolphin Badge” and turn into member of an incredibly elite arm of the Navy.


Type of Entry Unmarried Men / Women Age Limit Educational Qualification
Cadet Entry (NDA) Men 16½ – 19 10+2 or equivalent with Physics & Maths
10+2 (B.Tech) Cadet Entry Men 16½ – 19 10+2 or equivalent with Physics, Chemistry and Maths (minimum 70% marks in aggregate of PCM, minimum 50% marks in English either in 10th or 12th class)
University Entry Scheme (SSC) Men 19-24 Final Year students of Electrical, Electronics, Power Engg, Instrumentation and Control, Electronics & Instrumentation, Electronics & Communication, Instrumentation and Control, Control System, Power Electronics, Computer Science Engg, Instrumentation, with minimum 60% upto VI th Semester.
Short Service Commission (GS) Men 19.5½ – 25 B.E/B.Tech in any discipline with minimum 60% .
Short Service Commission (Submarine) Men 19½ – 25 BE / BTech in Electrical/Electronics/Control Engg/ Telecommunication Engg with 60% marks.

Education Career

1. Education Officer

Any service will be as well as the training it’s officers and men receive. As an Education Officer you may play a major role inside the training of naval officers/sailors. Education Officers are responsible for scientific and systematic instructions, including theoretical issues with technical subjects coming from all branches of the navy and as well for general knowledge. An Education Police officer can specialise in almost all specialisations of the particular Executive Branch. Also some officers also get specialisation inside Oceanography & Meteorology.



Type of Entry Unmarried Men / Women Age Limit Educational Qualification
Permanent Commission (PC) Men 21 – 25 B.E/ B.Tech in Mech/ IT/ Computer Science with 60% marks.M.Tech in IT/ Computer Science/ Mechanical/ Meterology/ Oceanography/ with 60% marks.M.Sc(Maths) with Physics/ M.Sc (Physics) with Maths / Operational Research/ Analysis/ Meterology/ Oceanography with 50% marks and M.A (English),M.A (history) and M.A with 50% marks
Short Service Commission (SSC) Men & Women* 21 – 25 B.E/ B.Tech in Mech/ IT/ Computer Science with 60% marks.M.Tech in IT/ Computer Science/ Meterology/ Oceanography/ Atmospheric Sciences with 60% marks.M.Sc in Physics/ Operational Research/ Analysis/ Meterology/ Oceanography/ Atmospheric Sciences/ Maths with 60% marks

Medical Career Option


The Armed Makes Medical Services is amongst one of the better options available into a medical graduate in our country where there may be an opportune professional environment of your exceptional order blended with the adventurous life, camaraderie, dignity and self-esteem. It offers any golden opportunity to go for the world’s finest service and acquire trained not and then be an officer but a gentleman for lifetime.

The Armed Makes Medical Services (AFMS) promises both professional and also personal growth on every stage of the career. The adventure and also extra-curricular activities inside Armed forces ensure an all over development essential these days. Apart from attractive pay and added benefits, Armed Forces offers the best in life-style and professional growth.

As a doctor inside Navy you may have an opportunity to understand and practice military medicine and search after the healthiness of the men in uniform and their loved ones both in serenity and war. You’ll find ample avenues to are dedicated to basic specialities and also super specialities. The majority of the postgraduate courses tend to be conducted at Military Medical College (AFMC), Pune and several other teaching hospitals of the Armed Forces. Even so the service also provides opportunities to get study leave on Government expense for that super-speciality courses on reputed civil establishments in India and also abroad.

The medical services inside Navy are delivered by using a network of hospitals spread through the length and breadth of the country. To support the professional pursuits, hospitals have been equipped with state of artwork equipment and skilled paramedical staff. Postings to various part areas gives the medical officer a glimpse of the beautiful heritage and also culture around and also broadens outlook past the barriers associated with caste, religion and also creed. In the active participation of our own country in serenity keeping initiatives of the United Nations, many doctors are sent on deputation with one of these missions.

The privileges offered inside Armed Forces are much better than other services near your vicinity. The comforts of life like good housing, medical aid, canteen facilities, school, college and degree for children, insurance coverage cover etc are all catered for. The rewards are extended into your retired life including handsome pension and also medical facilities. What opportunities could other services provide to savor outdoor activities for all with a yen with regard to adventure!

Types Of Commission

The Military offer a exclusive and professionally fulfilling career for health professionals as commissioned authorities with high status connected with Group ‘A’ gazetted content of Central Authorities.

There are Two types of commission viz Everlasting Commission (PC) and also Short Service Commission (SSC). Doctors from city medical colleges at entry can be found only SSC. Pay out & allowances and also terms & disorders of service, except the duration of service and also provision of old age benefits are largely similar for both types of commission.

SSC officers have to serve for a nominal amount period of 5 years. The SSC can be extended by an additional two terms associated with 5 years then 4 years upto at most 14 years.

50% graduate passing out from the Armed Forces Professional medical College Pune are taken towards Permanent Commission and also the rest are presented Short Service Commission. AFMC graduates offered SSC have to serve for a nominal amount period of 7 years extendable by an additional 7 years.

Selection Procedure

(a) Short Service Commission

(i) Applications tend to be invited from Native american citizens both men and female, twice per year. A notification to the effect is released in leading newspaper publishers.
(ii) Eligible candidates are required interview at Completely new Delhi to examine their merit and also suitability for grant of Short Service Commission inside Army Medical Corps and also subsequent secondment to the Navy.
(iii) Based around the results of this interview, candidates who’ve been short listed are subjected to medical examination at designated Military hospitals in Completely new Delhi.
(iv) Medically fit candidates are granted commission at the mercy of verification procedures since deemed necessary and essential for commissioning.

(b) Permanent Commission

(i) SSC officers tend to be allowed three chances appearing in departmental selection interviews for grant associated with Permanent Commision whenever they want after completion of 2 yrs SSC service for instance two chances in first tenure associated with five years and one chance in minute tenure of a few years but just before completion of seven years and six months of service. Likewise, there should possibly be no break in service and they must fulfil the disorders of eligibility lay down.
(ii) Maximum age restrict as on 31 December of the calendar year associated with application for grant of PC with regard to different professional educational qualification is as below: -.


Educational Qualification Maximum Age limit
MBBS 30 years
Post Graduate Diploma 31 years
Post Graduate MD/MS 35 years


As an officer inside Army Medical Corps, he/ the girl with liable to be employed in the Indian native Army, Navy or Air Force in any perhaps the country or planet.

Rank on Entry

The rank given on first appointment inside AMC is as follows: –

Captain/ Surgeon Lieutenant/ Airfare Lieutenant – Pertinent to doctors commissioned from civil with acquired their Lasting Medical Registration Certification.

Lieutenant/ Surgeon Bass speaker Lieutenant/ Flying Police officer – Applicable for you to Medical cadets passing out from AFMC Pune, till completion with their internship in Support hospitals.


Promotion till the rank of Lieutenant Colonel/ Cosmetic surgeon Commander/ Wing Commander is actually by time subject to satisfactory service and fitness to the higher rank. Further promotion to higher ranks is by selection dependant on vacancies. If an officer isn’t going to get promoted to the rank of Colonel/ Cosmetic surgeon Captain/ Group Chief by selection quality, then he/she is actually granted time scale promotion to the rank of Colonel/ Cosmetic surgeon Captain/ Group Chief (Time Scale) upon completion of twenty-four years of reckonable commissioned support.

Conditions Of Eligibility.


Branch / Type of Entry Age Limit Educational Qualifications
Army Medical Corps (AMC) – Includes Medical Branch of Indian Navy
Permanent Commission (PC) 45 Years 1. Applicants must posses a medical qualification of an Indian University or a foreign medical qualification recognised by the Medical Council of India. They must also be registered with any of the state councils or equivalent registering authority.

2. Incentives : An antedate of 3 years seniority for post graduates and 2 years for post graduate diploma recognised by MCI and 6 months for a house job, done at a recognised hospital to fresh entrants.

3. A doctor who has done a house job and also a post graduate qualification will be eligible for a maximum antedate seniority of 42 months.

Selection is held once a year in Jul / Aug at Delhi. Advertisement published in National / Regional newspapers in Mar/Apr every year.
For details contact
DGAFMS, L-Block,
Post DHQ, New Delhi 110011
Post DHQ, New Delhi 110011

AFMC Cadet Entry (MBBS course after which commission is granted in AMC)

1. 17 – 22 Years

2. 24 Years

1. 10+2 with PCB securing not less than 60% of aggregate marks together and not less than 50% in any of these subjects.

2. BSc

Selection is held once a year through a written exam on all India basis followed by an interview at Pune. 50% cadets are granted SSC after passing out. Advertisement published in National / Regional newspapers in Jan every year.
Army Dental Corps (ADC) – Includes Dental Branch of Indian Navy
Direct Permanent Commission 28 Years for BDS

30 Years for MDS

1. BDS with minimum 60% marks in final year / MDS from a recognised College or University.

2. Should have completed one year rotatory internship recognised by the Dental Council of India.

3. Should be in possession of Permanent Dental Registration Certificate.

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