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Indian Railway Short form and abbrevation

Indian Railway short form and its meaning

Indian railway is the main travelling source in India and it has huge network in almost all cities in India. Indian railway has follow some abbreviation short form for communication and Lets get to know what are they and its meaning.

Indian railway reservation seat number short form (abbreviation)

  • LB – Lower Birth
  • MB – Middle Birth
  • UB – Upper Birth
  • SU – Side Upper Birth
  • SL – Side lower Birth

If you are doing online reservation then you have option to choose your seat as per availability of seats.

How to know train route by its number

Indian Railway number has 5 digit numbers. The first digit can be any number between 0 to 9 and each number has its own meaning

0 – Special train

1 – Long route Train

2 – It also an long route train, but is only possible when its first 4 digit start with number 1

3 – This represents the Kolkata urban train

4 – It shows route of Chennai, new Delhi Secundarabad and other metropolitan cities

5 – Conventional coach passenger train

6 – Memu Train

7 – DMU and Service railcar train

8 – This will shows current reservation situation

9 – All Mumbai region sub-urban train

Second digit depending upon first digit. If trains first digit start with 0, 1, and 2 then rest 4 digit stands for railway zone and division. Let’s see zone numbers as below

0 – Konkan Railway

1 – Central Railway, west-central railway, north central railway

2 – Superfast, Shatabdi, jan shatabdi

3 – Eastern railway and east central railway

4 – North railway, North central Railway, North central railway

5 – National eastern railway, North east frontier railway

6 – Southern railway and southern western railway

7 – southern central railway and southern western railway

8 – Southern eastern railway and east coastal railway

9 – western railway, north western railway, western central railway

On that note if your train number is 12451 then

1 – Your train is for long route

2 – Your train is superfast

4 – this is from north railway, north central railway, north western railway Zone and division

51 – UP train number is 51 same way down train number will be 52

(this train number is of shramshakti express which runs between Kanpur to New delhi)

When railway runs the emergency special train in that case youo must know all abcd (terminology) and signs of Indian railway

Lets see some of the railway terminology

WL- waiting list

RLWL- Remote location waiting list – when there is very less trains between two stations and any passengers cancel the tickets in that case second passengers in queue will get seat preference.

PQWL- Pooled quata waiting list – if your ticket is in waiting list before journey begins it means your name in pooled quota waiting list

CKWL- Current Quata waiting list – if you book your ticket in tatkal reservationyou’re your ticket is in waiting list called CKWL. Upto 10 CKWL will get confirm before journey starts

RQWL- Request waiting list- when there is no pooled quota available railway has prepare request waiting list

Types of quota in Indian railway

LD: Ladies Quota

HQ: High Official or headquarter Quota

DF: Defense Quota

OS: Out Station Quota

RS: Road side quota, between big stations there are small cities station which is not collected internet central reservation service. That all reservation tickets kept in road side quota.

PH : Parliament House quota

FT: Foreign tourist quota

DP: Duty pass quota

HP: Handicap quota

SS: Senior citizen quota