Important Computer Questions for Bank Exams

Banking Exams ( IBPS ) are taken place for government bank PO, officers, RRB, Specialist Officers and clerk recruitment. In examination questions are ask on your computer knowledge. here is the list of question and answers to hep you prepare for bank exams

Important Computer Questions for Bank Exams 2022-2023

All Answers are given end of the Post

1) Passwords enables users to?

a) Get into the system quickly
b) Make efficient use of time
c) Retain confidentiality of files
d) Simplify file structures

2) When sending an e-mail, which line describes the contents of the message?

a) subject
b) to
c) contents
d) cc

3) When we run a program in HTML coding, what is used as back-end and front-end.

a) Notepad, Internet, Explorer
b) Notepad,MSN,Messenger
c) MS-Word, Internet Explorer
d) Both 1 and 2

4) In DOS, the “Label” command is used to ?

a) Display the label of disk
b) Change the label of disk
c) Remove the label of disk
d) Both 1) and 2)

5) A central computer that holds collections of data and programs for many PCs, workstations, and other computer is a ?

a) Supercomputer
b) minicomputer
c) laptop
d) server

6) A Website’s main page is called its?

a) Home page
b) Browser page
c) Search Page
d) Bookmark

7) For creating a document, you use____________ command at File Menu.

a) Open
b) Close
c) New
d) Save

8) With a CD you can ?

a) Read
b) Write
c) Read and Write
d) Either Read or Write

9) The speed of clock frequency of a micro-processor is measured in?

a) Hertz
b) baud rate
c) CPS
d) bits
e) bytes

10) Which of the following is the costliest?

a) Server
b) Notebook computer
c) Personal computer
d) Laptop computer
e) Main frame computer

11) What is the Shortcut Key to hide the entire row in the MS Excel?

a) Ctrl + X
b) Ctrl + 9
c) Ctrl + –
d) Ctrl + 2
e) Ctrl + R

12) Which of the following component is used to make Third Generation Computers?

a) Bio Chips
b) Vacuum Tubes
c) Integrated Circuits
d) Transistors
e) Discrete Components

13) Unsolicited email is also called as ?

a) Usenet
b) Spam
c) Newsgroup
d) Backbone
e) Flaming

14) Which among the following software applications is used for performing numerical and statistical calculations?

a) Graphic Package
b) Document Processor
c) Data Base
d) Spread Sheet

15) A ________ is approximately a million bytes

a) Tera byte
b) Giga byte
c) Mega byte
d) Kilo byte

16) ’DOS’ floppy disk does not have ?

a) A root directory
b) A file allocation table
c) A boot record
d) Virtual Memory

17) Which of the following terms is associated with Internet/ Email?

a) Pie- chart
b) Slide Presentation
c) Bookmark
d) Plotter

18) The OS, software and data the computer is currently using are stored in_______?

a) Scanner
b) PCI
c) RAM
d) AGP

19) What is the shortcut key to go to last line in the document?

a) Ctrl + L
b) Ctrl + Last
c) Ctrl + End
d) Ctrl + Down Arrow

20) Among the following which is not a computer language?


1). c | 2). a | 3). a | 4). b | 5). d | 6). a | 7). c | 8). c | 9). a | 10). e | 11). b | 12). c | 13). b | 14). d | 15). c | 16). d | 17). c |18). c | 19). c | 20). c

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