What is Black Box (Flight Recorder)? || News About Black Box, Chopper Crash

What is Flight Recorder? Full Specification of Black Box Device

What is Black Box (Flight Recorder)?

A Black Box is an electronic recording device placed in an aircraft for the purpose of facilitating the investigation of aviation accidents and incidents.
A black box usually contains two pieces of information.
  • Flight Data Recorder
  • Cockpit Voice Recorder
Also Black Box records 1000 vital parameters about a flight including, airspeed, altitude, cockpit conversations, and air pressure among others.
IAF chopper crash: Blackbox retrieved; clue for last-minute cockpit conversation
IAF chopper crash: Black Box retrieved, clue for last-minute cockpit conversation

How Tough is the black Box?

  • Fire (High Intensity) – 1100 Degree Celsius Flame – Covering 100% of recorder for 30 minutes.
  • Cold (Low Intensity) – 260 Degree Celsius Oven – Test For 10 hours
  • Impact Shock – 3400 GS for 6.5 MS
  • Static Crush – 5000 Pounds for 5 minutes on each axis
  • Fluid Immersion – Immersion in aircraft  – Fluids (Oil, Fuel etc)  for 24 hours
  • Water Immersion – Immersion in Sea Water for 2 Years
  • Penetration – Resistance – 500 LB
  • Hydrostatic Pressure – Pressure equivalent to depth of 20000 ft.

What is BEACON in Black Box?

Beacon is send ONE SIIGNAL EVERY Second For 30 days. This signal easily detected by SONAR.

Black Box Uses in Bipin Rawat’s helicopter accident

The mystery of Bipin Rawat’s death will be revealed from this Black Box (Flight Recorder).

Can black box be destroyed?

Imposable. but Black boxes are designed to survive plane crashes and are rarely destroyed. There have been only a handful of cases where the black box was not recovered.
What is Black Box?
What is Black Box?

Is black box colour is Black?

No, black box colour is Orange.

What is the color of black box in aircraft?


Why black box is orange in colour?

Black boxes are painted bright orange. This helps investigators to locate them easily in case of any accident.
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